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Season 26 WAR

Not sure how this looks, but I threw all the seasons data into lccooler's WAR spreadsheet.  I can send it to anyone.  The only issue I had was for some reason Toronto's Stan Clark's stats did not work properly.
I will upload more info, but here is the data for the top 21 (top 20 plus ties).  I did not have time to format, but this should be good enough for now.

Name Team Fielding Offense WAR
Ruben Cano HOU 0.0 68.1 9.2
Yamid Chantres MIN 15.8 49.1 8.7
Jorge Posada CIN -3.7 62.1 8.3
Julio Javier CH1 11.9 40.4 7.3
Junior Alvarado ARI 4.2 46.1 7.2
Willie Rivas TEX -10.3 50.5 6.5
Melvin Martin SEA 0.4 46.8 6.4
Victor Mieses CLE 0.8 41.3 6.2
Ken Garcia HOU 0.0 39.7 6.1
Fernando Mendez OAK -3.2 44.0 6.1
Cyrus Root SF 11.3 28.7 6.1
Lyle Crosby SF -9.3 44.2 5.5
Darryl Harris SD -1.5 34.6 5.5
John Yoon DET 12.0 21.6 5.5
Diego Bautista MEM -15.6 46.8 5.4
Alex Iglesias CHA 30.7 1.8 5.3
Carlos Jose HOU 0.0 31.6 5.3
Bruce McMillan MEM 3.0 25.4 5.2
Brett Hoffman HOU 0.0 29.0 5.0
Rob Philips SEA -5.5 33.4 4.9
Ryan Keats CH1 14.6 19.9 4.9

Friday, December 4, 2009

Current Historical Team Records

Team Wins Loses Win %
OAK 1390 775 0.642
CLE 1240 925 0.573
BOS 1162 1003 0.537
TEX 1152 1013 0.532
TB 1150 1015 0.531
KC 1097 1068 0.507
BAL 1062 1103 0.491
DET 1060 1105 0.490
ANA 1054 1111 0.487
MIN 1051 1114 0.485
TOR 1021 1144 0.472
SEA 1011 1154 0.467
CHW 991 1174 0.458
MEM 986 1179 0.455
NYY 956 1209 0.442
VAN 826 1339 0.382

AL South 4385 4275 0.506
AL East 4309 4351 0.498
AL West 4281 4379 0.494
AL  North 4234 4426 0.489

Team Wins Loses Win %
SF 1263 902 0.583
STL 1251 914 0.578
NYM 1210 955 0.559
PIT 1184 981 0.547
SD 1184 981 0.547
HOU 1177 988 0.544
CIN 1108 1057 0.512
ATL 1082 1083 0.500
CHC 1058 1107 0.489
ARI 1051 1114 0.485
CHA 1039 1126 0.480
MIL 1016 1149 0.469
FLA 994 1171 0.459
LAD 920 1245 0.425
PHI 906 1259 0.418
WAS 821 1344 0.379

NL South 4461 4199 0.515
NL West 4418 4242 0.510
NL  North 4366 4294 0.504
NL East 4019 4641 0.464

Friday, October 30, 2009

Revisit - Hatt best prospects (2B)

Hatt - Second Base might be the most crowded position in the GAP, with a collection of prospects that would make Billy Beane drool. On Base Percentages are well over .400 and the collective OPS is known to sky past 1.000. Watch out in a couple years, as these guys fight for All-Star and Silver Slugger positioning, and look to power some very promising organizations.

I have to agree with hatt, this was the deepest of the bunch. Tough to really say who the best player is. May has the most power and Taylor is best at getting on base.

AAA – Norm May (23) Arizona Diamondbacks

Highly regarded as one of the better prospects in all of the Great American Pastime going into Season 1, May has not disappointed. Working his way up the ladder in Arizona, May has a career OPS of 1.065 and has 332 RBI in only 282 career games. His most impressive stat, though? 187 walks and a career OBP of .419, making him one of the most versatile players in the GAP, as he could sit nearly anywhere in the D-backs lineup when he finally gets the call.

Hitting: 1559G, 933R, 1672H, 351HR, 976RBI, 2-7 SB/CS, .281/.344/.513 Ave/OBP/Slg

Fielding: 2B - 1192G, 10263 innings, 13/28 +/-, .981 field%, 5.94 range

AA – Jim Jacome (21) Chicago White Sox

The “Bad Guys” first round pick in Season 2 has paid instant dividends, smacking the ball wherever he plays. Chicago is having a hard time deciding on a level for him, simply because wherever he lands, he just seems a little too talented to be there. This shouldn’t last too long as Jacome could very well see the big leagues by Season 4, especially if he keeps up his .338 minor league average.

Hitting: 1341G, 781R, 1506H, 106HR, 580RBI, 98-97 SB/CS, .283/.352/.400 Ave/OBP/Slg

Fielding: 2B - 623G, 5545 innings, 8/4 +/-, .989 field%, 5.73 range

HiA – John Mahoney (20) Charlotte Dukes

The up and coming Dukes are probably the major’s biggest surprise this year, and their farm system isn’t too shabby either, especially with prospects like John Mahoney. This future all-star is one of the better line drive hitters in the minors, holding an impressive career average of .368 with 199 runs scored in 206 career games played. He’s still pretty raw, but given a couple years, Mahoney could become a solid leadoff man for a stacked Charlotte squad.

Hitting: 156G, 66R, 135H, 10HR, 45RBI, 0-0 SB/CS, .265/.314/.377Ave/OBP/Slg

LowA – Pat Taylor (20) Cleveland Indians

They may be in the cellar of the AL East, but the people of Clevelandhave a lot to look forward to with a stacked system and a devoted GM.The most exciting prospect has to be Pat Taylor, who is lined up to be one of the best utility men once he hits the majors. Taylor has power to all corners of the field, and a batting eye unmatched by anyone in the league. This former Season 2 first round pick has torn up Rookie and Low A ball in an equivalent of one full minor league season, hitting .331/.441/.578/1.019 and scoring 129 runs in 117 games.

Hitting: 1271G, 881R, 1345H, 142HR, 582RBI, 171-104 SB/CS, .296/.396/.463 Ave/OBP/Slg

Fielding: 2B - 1198G, 9662 innings, 21/15 +/-, .983 field%, 5.89 range

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Revisit - Hatt best prospects (1B)

Amazing, that for such an easy position to find good hitters, that Hatt only hit on one good prospect. All the others were either decent (Norman) or just not good enough to stick at the ML level (Morales and Atkins). Bonilla is a HOFer though.

AAA – Al Bonilla (22) San Diego Padres

$12.3 million seemed outrageous for the first true international GAP prospect, but spending has increased over the first couple seasons, and it looks like right about where he would have landed for today. Bonilla was immediately thrown into the fire at AAA, and has flourished since day one. Al has been a terror at the plate, holding a career OPS of 1.127 and smacking 88 homers in only 221 career games. Season 3 looks to really be his breakout year, as he has already compiled a .385 avg with 18 HR and 48 RBI thus far.

Hitting: 1532G, 1007R, 1631H, 441HR, 1170RBI, 1-32 SB/CS, .285/.378/.575 Ave/OBP/Slg

AA – Joey Norman (22) Chicago Cubs

Norman, a Season 1 first rounder out of Central City, IA, was one of Vancouver’s prized prospects for the first couple seasons, but ended up in Chicago during the Season 2 playoffs in a blockbuster deal. Norman has enjoyed a meteoric rise through the minors, and should be hitting the majors by next season. He holds a career OPS of 1.065 and is hitting .348 so far between High A and AA in Season 3.

Hitting: 954G, 573R, 1044H, 152HR, 615RBI, 70-55 SB/CS, .285/.348/.487

HiA – Don Atkins (20) San Diego Padres

A steal as a 6th round pick in the Season 2 draft, Atkins has made the most of his time in the Padres system, blasting 37 HR and 145 RBI in only 109 career games. Atkins is still 2 or 3 years off from seeing the big club, but he should be an impressive cleanup hitter when his time comes.

Hitting: Played 30 games and hit .189. Thats all you need to know

LowA – Damaso Morales (20) St. Louis Cardinals

Admittedly, Cubs management didn’t quite know what they were giving up when they traded Morales during the 2nd GAP playoffs. An early international prospect who was paid only a $2.1 million bonus, Morales has been nothing short of spectacular when given the opportunity. Through the same amount of games as Atkins, Morales holds a career average of .365 with 38 HR and 146 RBI. Even more impressive is his career OBP of .459 and OPS of 1.211. Oh yeah, he’s only 20 years old...

Played in 4 games in the big leagues.

Revisit - Hatt best prospects (C)

I decided to take a look back at the Hatt prospect review section. Mostly just a comparison of stats.

Not much separation of the catching bunch so far other than number of games played. Juarez is the best hitter of the best and Baez has probably been the most reliable from a defensive and number of games he can play every year - though he is no Joe Mauer. Would love some comments.

AAA - Torey Camacho (24) Arizona Diamondbacks

(Hatt)One more year should be all it takes before “Macho” Camacho finally hits the big show. He has decent power for a gap hitter, but his real strength lies in his pitch calling. D-Back’s management has never seen a youngster call a game quite like Camacho, and that could be the edge Arizonaneeds in a crowded NL West.

Hitting: 797G, 279R, 635H, 83HR, 314RBI, 0-4 SB/CS, .274/.332/.434 Ave/OBP/Slg

Fielding: 710G, 5320 innings, 52PB, 369SB - 69CS, .998 field%, 4.48ERA

AA - Max Baez (20) Cleveland Indians

You won’t find a better pure Catcher in the entire GAP than Baez.Comparisons to Joe Mauer might not even do him justice, as Baez has earned his nickname of “The Natural” in just a few short years. He’s only 20 years old, but could see the majors as soon as next year.

Hitting: 1422G, 636R, 1493H, 129HR, 588RBI, 0-3 SB/CS, .288/.349/.399 Ave/OBP/Slg

Fielding: 1405G, 11860 innings, 73PB, 634SB - 285CS, .997 field%, 4.39ERA

HiA – Bobby Ray Dixon (21) Oakland Athletics

For a signal caller, Dixon is merely average, but as a power hitter, he is well above that. Bobby Ray has a knack for crushing RHP, and it all stems from his presence in the batter’s box. A’s scout Ralph O’Connor put it best, “He may not be too physically imposing, but Bobby Ray doesn’t back down to anyone.” His most famous moment came in Season 2, when he was plunked in the head in a game against Seattle and went on to hit 2 HR’s in his next two AB’s.

Hitting: 987G, 373R, 697H, 102HR, 397RBI, 1-4 SB/CS, .262/.346/.425 Ave/OBP/Slg

Fielding: 845G, 6011 innings, 57PB, 450SB - 113CS, .998 field%, 3.97ERA

LowA – Juan Juarez (19) Toronto Blue Jays

Although he’s only played one game, Juarez could very well be the best Catcher/DH prospect in the entire GAP (yes, even challenging “Mighty” Max Baez). At only 19, this Venezuelen natural is ready to take on the GAP with excellent power to all fields and a batting eye rivaling Barry Bonds. Don’t look for this kid to be at Low A for too long.

Hitting: 849G, 536R, 871H, 192HR, 557RBI, 0-3 SB/CS, .275/.380/.507 Ave/OBP/Slg

Fielding: 698G, 5952 innings, 50PB, 494SB - 120CS, .997 field%, 4.81ERA

Friday, October 24, 2008

Veterans' Committee Nominees

Tony Hudler
9 seasons (age 33-41) RHP
131-69 in 289 G (289 GS) 32 CG
3.79 ERA, 1.34 WHIP, 1826.3 IP, .265 OAV, .709 OPS Against
Won 20 games twice (career best 21), never lost more than 10, had no losing seasons, career high 287.3 IP, career best ERA 3.35, career best WHIP 1.20, went 15-7 at age 40
4-2 in postseason with 3.19 ERA and 1.51 WHIP in 53.7 IP in 8 GS
4-time All-Star
Need to project 7 seasons (age 26-32)

Willie Santana

Wolf Morris

LaTroy Franco
7 seasons (age 29-35) LF/1B
.282/.358/.562, 303 HR, 961 RBI, 834 R, 144 SB, played in all but 8 of a possible 1134 games
Two 62-HR seasons, career high of 179 RBI, two 30/30 seasons, career high of 202 hits
708 OPS in 34 career post-season games, 7 HR
2-time AL MVP, 3-time All-Star, 2-time Silver Slugger
Need to project 4 seasons (age 25-28)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008