Sunday, December 17, 2006

Week 7 Power Rankings
Great American Pastime
Sunday December 17th
Season 2

After a 2 week hiatus, the power rankings are back for the playoff push. This week we'll try something different, lemme know whatcha guys think. Its been a long 2 weeks before I had time to get these out, got done with finals, then immediately came down with strep throat. But there's gonna be alot more time now, so not only should you look forward to better rankings, but also a better Cubs team in the coming weeks!

1. Oakland A's (82-37) LW (1)
( + ) Pick one from the lineup...Allan Hamilton, C.C. Hutton, Oscar Nunnally, Todd Linebrink, Clyde Valentin, even Jack Perry and Jon File...there isn't one player in the starting lineup that wouldn't be a star on any other team.

( - ) I guess you could say Garrett Phillips is having a bad year, with a 6.60 ERA and a 1.53 WHIP...but then again, he is still 7-4 and allowing an OAV of only .246. There really isn't a dark spot to be seen on this team.

2. Cleveland Indians (77-42) LW (2)
( + ) Latroy Franco (.286/35/121) and Yorrick Rowand (84 R/52 SB) lead this suddenly explosive offense, which seems to be the only one worthy of challenging the A's for the weekly #1 spot. Don't forget the other Yorrick, as Yorrick Brand is 28 of 31 for saves with an ERA of 2.16.

( - ) Dan Cook (.193) and Miller Roberts (.249) continue to struggle offensively for the 2nd year in a row, and Lonny Lowry (5.36 ERA) is still struggling to find his niche on the staff.

3. Seattle Mariners (74-45) LW (4)
( + ) Juan Torrealba (.316/31/89) and Bobby Ford (.307/21/78) lead an offense that is backed by one of the strongest pitching staffs in the GAP. Wes White (40 of 45 SVO) just might be in the running for the Cy Young as well...quite an accomplishment for a reliever.

( - ) Louie Manuel (5.28 ERA) looks like he's lost it after a solid Season 1, and while Gregory Barber has 21 HR and 83 RBI, his .217 Avg is not so impressive.

4. San Francisco Giants (74-45) LW (3)
( + ) Milton Jameson (.300/25 SB) is thriving in the leadoff spot, while Albert Young (25 of 27 SVO) refuses to let a game slip past him. The Giants continue to hold a solid grip on the NL West.

( - ) Gene Stevenson (.246 Avg) has a lot to learn before he can be the All-Star Giant's fans are expecting.

5. Texas Rangers (75-44) LW (NR)
( + ) If not for Wally Hunter (.304/58/140), Yannick Reboulet (.326/37/105) might be running away with the AL MVP. Too bad Hunter's already sitting in Arlington rubbing it for good luck...

( - ) Even Jeremy Henderson (6.58 ERA) is wondering why he's started 14 games...

6. New York Mets (71-48) LW (6)
( + ) One writer is still scratching his head wondering how Bosco Jefferson (10-3 / 1.99 ERA) was so bad for the Cubs in the first half of Season 1. Ralph Ryan (28 Sv/2.57 ERA) joins the previously mentioned Wes White of the M's and Albert Young of the Giants as one of the top 3 closers in the GAP.

( - ) If the pitching staff is holding this team together, it's the lineup that's trying to tear it apart. Ted Hogan (58 RBI)and Courtney Kennedy (.246 Avg) lead this group of underachievers, who, if they ever play to their potential, could get this team well over 100 wins.

7. Tampa Bay Rays (70-49) LW (NR)
( + ) A newcomer to the rankings, the Rays have surprised the league as the 7th and final 70 win team so far, led by 2B Tony Yoshii (.309/19/97) and SPs Willie Santana (12-7/3.52) and Nick Alexander (13-9/3.81).

( - ) Miguel Torres (.251/8/41) has the 3rd most ABs on the team, but not much to show for it, while Wascar Olmedo (.247/21/73) isn't quite living up to the hype.

8. Atlanta Braves (69-50) LW (7)
( + ) Since coming over from the Astros earlier in the season, Bobby Messmer (.301/13/59 in 85 G) has provided the much needed spark for Joe Linden (.310/24/87) and the Braves lineup, while Malachi Carson (12-5/2.53) has been lights out for the staff.

( - ) Joaquin Cairo (7.70 ERA) is finally back where he belongs...the minors, while Zephyr Bennett (5.81 ERA) is wondering if he might be next.

9. Milwaukee Brewers (67-52) LW (5)
( + ) Carlos Campos (.282/35/100) is hard at work defending his Season 1 MVP, while Jimmie Iglesias, Kennie Smart, Rod Duffy, Tony Iwazaki, Bret Fiore and Craig Osbourne each have over 24 HRs as well.

( - ) Benji Corbin (.230/0/7 in 114 AB) is NOT making the most of his pinch hitting opportunities, while Cal Reynolds (1.72 WHIP) can't seem to hit the strike zone.

10. Kansas City Royals (68-51) LW (8)
( + ) Jose Mota (.272)32/122) and Artie Rizzo (.300/27/97) lead a smoltering hot offense ready to make a charge in the tight AL South. Theodore Haney (.301/16/50 in 76 G) has been a force since being brought up from AAA.

( - ) The pitching staff could use a little work if these Royals are going to make a push for the playoffs. Starters Diego Samuel (5.83 ERA) and Joe Faulk (5.55 ERA) need to step it up if KC wants to prove they're for real.

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