Monday, August 27, 2007

50 Game Season 5 Observations

Players of Interest

Jesse House - Boston Red Sox
House has been on a tear to start Season 5, hitting safely in 47 of 50 games, with two hitting streaks reaching 22 and 25 (active) games respectively. He has reached base in 48 of 50 games, and would be a runaway early season MVP if not for teammate Raul Santana.

-1st in Hits (89)
-1st in RBI (69)
-1st in SLG (.741)
-1st in OPS (1.260)
-1st in RC (75.770! - next closest is 59.134)
-2nd in AVG (.443)
-2nd in OBP (.519)
-2nd in BB (34)
-Holds longest/longest active hitting streak at 25
-Started the season with a 22 game hit streak
-Has 29 multi-hit games
-Went 3 games without a hit between hit streaks, but other than that has hit safely in 47 of 50 games

Chris Burks - Milwaukee Brewers
Burks is one of the most interesting players I have ever seen in HBD, and being in my division for 5 seasons, I'm surprised I haven't noticed him before. Maybe it's the sub .200 AVG that makes him forgettable, but how many guys below the Mendoza Line can boast a projected 155+ runs scored?

-Batting .197
-SLG of .207
-OBP of .370
-51 BB & 48 R in 50 games
-10 more R (48) than hits (38)
-Projected to steal 75 bases, but collect only 123 hits

Cliff Simms - New York Mets
It is no surprise that Simms is dominating opponents, as his current ratings are the most impressive of any GAP starter. The surprise is that with new ownership, Simms is putting together by far his most impressive season to date. How could a pitcher improve upon a season where he not only won the Cy Young, but the World Series as well, you ask?

-1st in ERA (1.55)
-1st in CG (tie-5)
-1st in OAV (tie-.197) - its like facing Chris Burks every game...without the impressive walk totals.
-WHIP of 0.98

Pete Frascatore - Chicago Cubs
Frascatore's numbers look eerily similar to Simms', but there is one glaring difference: He is only 21. Ten years younger than the reigning Cy Young winner, "Petey" is leading the NL in Wins with 7, and despite a 68 MPH fastball, is 9th and Ks. With the struggles of rest of his rotation, Frascatore has held the Cubs together, and is the sole reason they are above .500, and only a couple games back from Milwaukee.

-1st in NL in Wins (7)
-1st in opp. OBP (.249)
-1st in OAV (tie-.197)
-2nd in WHIP (tie-0.94)
-9th in Ks (49)

Other Observations
-Three AL pitchers are tied for most GAP wins. David Russell, Hector Guerrero and Pascual Samuel are also all undefeated at 8-0.
-The Nationals are already nearly halfway to their Season 4 win total (57 wins) at 27-23, and are only sitting 1 game behind the defending champion Mets.
-The Mets are playing .750 ball at Shea, while the Marlins are 16-3 (.842) on the road. Both teams are playing below .500 at their respective opposite sites.
-The Red Sox don't care where they play, winning 18 games at Fenway, while sharing the love away from Beantown, and winning 18 games on the road.
-And the winner for best start to the Season 5 season is...The Cleveland Indians at 37-13. No longer the AL least in Cleveland (Baltimore is already 15 games back in 2nd...)

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