Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All-Stars by the numbers

Total number of individual all-star selections: 480 (30 per league per year)

Teams with 25 or more selections:

Athletics (40)
Giants (32)
Mets (31)
Indians (30)
Astros (28)
Cubs (27)
Royals (27)

Teams with fewer than 10 selections:

Reds (9) (seven in last four seasons)
Twins (9) (no player more than once)
Cardinals (8) (no player more than once)
Orioles (7) (no player more than once)
Blue Jays (3) (two this year)
Mounties (3) (two this year)
Nationals (3) (none in first five seasons, one per year since)
Dodgers (2) (none in first six seasons, one per year since)
Phillies (2) (both in Season 1)

Teams with most pitchers selected:

Giants (17)
Indians (17)
Athletics (16)
Mets (14)
Rays (14)
Royals (11)
Brewers (10)

Teams with most position players selected:

Athletics (24)
Astros (20)
Cubs (18)
Mets (17)
Red Sox (16)
Royals (16)
Giants (15)

Teams with most unique players selected:

Athletics (19)
Cubs (17)
Mets (16)
Pirates (15)
Brewers (14)
Giants (14)
Red Sox (13)

Players selected to 6 or more All-Star Teams:

Greg Stewart (8) (all as AL P)
Todd Linebrink (7) (all as AL SS)
Al Alvarez (6) (all as NL C)
Bob Wall (6) (three as NL P, three as AL P)
Chuck Rigdon (6) (all as NL P)
Cliff Simms (6) (all as NL P)
Gabe Brooks (6) (all as AL P)
Jorge Zapata (6) (three as NL RF, three as NL 1B)
Ralph Ryan (6) (all as NL P)
Wes White (6) (all as AL P)

Players who have been All-Stars five or more consecutive seasons:

Greg Stewart (8) (Seasons 1-8)
Todd Linebrink (7) (Seasons 2-8)
Gabe Brooks (6) (Seasons 3-8)
Jorge Zapata (6) (Seasons 3-8)
Ralph Ryan (6) (Seasons 2-7)
Joe Linden (5) (Seasons 4-8)
Theodore Haney (5) (Seasons 4-8)

Players who have been All-Stars for three different teams:

Bob Wall (Dukes, Angels, Orioles)
Brandon Canseco (Pirates, Brewers, Royals)
Cliff Simms (Pirates, Mets, Padres)
Wally Hunter (Rangers, Dukes, Angels)

Players who have been All-Stars in both leagues:

Bob Wall
Brandon Canseco
Chuck Hoover
Darryl Whitaker
Gerald Daly
Joe Linden
Luis Lopez
Mark Moore
Raymond Cambridge
Ricardo Castro
Shawn Becker
Tom Dickerson
Wally Hunter
Willie Santana

Player who has been an All-Star at three different positions:

McKay Woods (LF, RF, 3B)

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