Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Let's deconstruct some of the most recent spewings from our good buddy, rowesings.

(Referring to the real-life Red Sox) "turning the so called 'champs' into Chumps"
Ummm, wow. The Red Sox are not "so-called champs." They actually are the champs. They won the 2007 World Series. "So-called champs" are what the GAP Rays were in S6, taking advantage of a glitch.

(Referring to David Ortiz) "flash in the pan like that Poopie guy again!"
David Ortiz as a flash in the pan. This is a guy who has been a four-time All-Star, four-time Silver Slugger, and was in the top five in AL MVP voting five times. His career OPS+ is 138. He has led the AL at least one season in OBP, HR, TB, RBI, BB, XBH, RC, and AB/HR. He has a career post-season OPS of 1005 in 52 games and has won two titles. Compare and contrast with the actual flash in a pan Rays, who are looking to win more than 70 games in one season for the first time ever. The Rays who have finished 5th of 5 in the AL East in 9 of 10 complete seasons. (They were 4th once.) Compare and contrast with the best hitters in Rays' history: Aubrey Huff and Fred McGriff. Huff leads the franchise with 128 career HR. McGriff played 577 games for them and put up an OPS+ of 122 in them. This is the best-ever Ray!

If basketball was a real force in sports, the Rays would have a team.
First, since when does a baseball team have a basketball team? Second, ratings for NBA and MLB games are very similar, and as far as logo merchandise goes, the NBA ranks ahead of the MLB (both trail the NFL). Basketball is also widely believed to be the second-most popular sport worldwide, behind only soccer. As for how the world views baseball? Well, you'd better watch the upcoming Olympics in Beijing. You'll see baseball for the last time. It has been eliminated for the 2012 games in London.

"ask 1000 passer by on the street who the Celtics are. Guarantee you 80 percent or more would say, 'Isn't that those pretty Irish girls that sing?' I guarantee it."
Hmmm. Well, I wasn't on the street and I didn't ask 1000 "passer by", but I did ask 6 people at work. My results:
100% basketball team from Boston
0% pretty Irish girls that sing

"one of those stupid Sox fans living in the Tampa Bay area"
Listen to how the Tampa "faithful" react when Ortiz makes an out:

Now listen to how they react to an Ortiz HR:

Seems there might be more Red Sox fans in Tampa than Rays fans. Embarrassing.

I've been a Rays fan since 1998, have listened to or watched every inning of every game for years. I am also a lifetime Yanks fan, but more interested for the past 10 years in the Rays.
What can I say about a front-runner who roots for two teams in the same division, and jumps to the one performing better? I think everyone reading this can draw their own conclusions.


Boggsie said...

right chad, again you took the bait and show what a dope you can be by bending things to your point of view, like that ridiculous The Jeter Torres trashing you tried that others agreed on the fact that you slanted and rigged to your point of view. Nice, when are you going to learn? And where is that Big Poopie guy when the Stink Sox need him, anyway? BTW, four or five seasons of production, and now down and out DOES NOT QUAILFY for a true great, at this point more of a "flash in the pan"....and I predict he's washed up, best years are past....already. True great: Check Longoria ten seasons from now and compare to Big Poopie's five years of fame.

Boggsie said...

okay, simpleton chad, here's how this works: you see when you've been a Yanks fan SINCE BEFORE STIENBRENNER OWNED THEM that is a significant history of allegiance. Since the Rays have only had a team for 10 years, and up to now didn't matter if the Yankees beat the Rays or not (Yanks could afford to lose to Rays in seasons past and still go to playoffs so no problem rooting for the Rays in matchups), so no conflict being lifetime Yankee fan and hometown team Rays ardent supporter. Now this season, well, while it will still be great fun in October to rub you Stink Sox noses in it when the Yankees take the second playoff spot in the AL East from Boston, in the actual playoffs I will finally have to make the choice, and after "watching the team grow up" will have to go with the Rays. (Besides, without good ol' George, well... things not going to be quite as fun or controversial in the Bronx), then again, maybe if they could find a job in management for John Rocker.......

Boggsie said...

far more a flap should be being made about owners trashing teams so they can steal draft picks for many seasons to come, instead of a jerk like chad trying to make something out of nothing more than the way the HBD sim was set up and equally for all owners for six seasons. Shame on you if you had your head where the sun don't shine and didn't know how to win legally with all the tools available and equal to all, like the Rays, who(you should now pull your head out and notice) continue to roll with whatever the game presents AND KEEP WINNING. Veteran teams had major set backs when muli year big contract players suddenly (with no advance about "unfair"!) started losing their ratings. Superior GM's like Boggsie came through it just fine, winning now more than ever. So go cry to your mommie, chad, or join the thieving wimps and trash your team so you can steal a bunch of draft picks from the honorable owners.

Boggsie said...

Cure for "trash and steal" strategy: I've been invited to more than a few HBD worlds lately that are seeking the very elite owners only, and one of their rules aimed at keeping it elite and stopping the "trash and steal" is at the end of every season owners with, say, less than a .450 winning percentage for that season are up for vote by the "above .450 owners" on if they are allowed to stay for the next season. Stops the old Detroit, Minnesota, etc GAP stategies of trash and steal and wait for five seasons (in the name of "rebuilding", of course), cause these guys get bounced after the first dud season of "losing for the top draft picks".

Boggsie said...

hey, numbscull, 1000 passerby on the street....guarantee majority goes with "those pretty Irish women singers" Wake up. Basketball may be popular where you work, but not that great in the real world. On the other hand, those Celtic Women, you see them on TV every week.