Saturday, October 24, 2009

Revisit - Hatt best prospects (C)

I decided to take a look back at the Hatt prospect review section. Mostly just a comparison of stats.

Not much separation of the catching bunch so far other than number of games played. Juarez is the best hitter of the best and Baez has probably been the most reliable from a defensive and number of games he can play every year - though he is no Joe Mauer. Would love some comments.

AAA - Torey Camacho (24) Arizona Diamondbacks

(Hatt)One more year should be all it takes before “Macho” Camacho finally hits the big show. He has decent power for a gap hitter, but his real strength lies in his pitch calling. D-Back’s management has never seen a youngster call a game quite like Camacho, and that could be the edge Arizonaneeds in a crowded NL West.

Hitting: 797G, 279R, 635H, 83HR, 314RBI, 0-4 SB/CS, .274/.332/.434 Ave/OBP/Slg

Fielding: 710G, 5320 innings, 52PB, 369SB - 69CS, .998 field%, 4.48ERA

AA - Max Baez (20) Cleveland Indians

You won’t find a better pure Catcher in the entire GAP than Baez.Comparisons to Joe Mauer might not even do him justice, as Baez has earned his nickname of “The Natural” in just a few short years. He’s only 20 years old, but could see the majors as soon as next year.

Hitting: 1422G, 636R, 1493H, 129HR, 588RBI, 0-3 SB/CS, .288/.349/.399 Ave/OBP/Slg

Fielding: 1405G, 11860 innings, 73PB, 634SB - 285CS, .997 field%, 4.39ERA

HiA – Bobby Ray Dixon (21) Oakland Athletics

For a signal caller, Dixon is merely average, but as a power hitter, he is well above that. Bobby Ray has a knack for crushing RHP, and it all stems from his presence in the batter’s box. A’s scout Ralph O’Connor put it best, “He may not be too physically imposing, but Bobby Ray doesn’t back down to anyone.” His most famous moment came in Season 2, when he was plunked in the head in a game against Seattle and went on to hit 2 HR’s in his next two AB’s.

Hitting: 987G, 373R, 697H, 102HR, 397RBI, 1-4 SB/CS, .262/.346/.425 Ave/OBP/Slg

Fielding: 845G, 6011 innings, 57PB, 450SB - 113CS, .998 field%, 3.97ERA

LowA – Juan Juarez (19) Toronto Blue Jays

Although he’s only played one game, Juarez could very well be the best Catcher/DH prospect in the entire GAP (yes, even challenging “Mighty” Max Baez). At only 19, this Venezuelen natural is ready to take on the GAP with excellent power to all fields and a batting eye rivaling Barry Bonds. Don’t look for this kid to be at Low A for too long.

Hitting: 849G, 536R, 871H, 192HR, 557RBI, 0-3 SB/CS, .275/.380/.507 Ave/OBP/Slg

Fielding: 698G, 5952 innings, 50PB, 494SB - 120CS, .997 field%, 4.81ERA

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