Tuesday, January 27, 2015


In honor of the current MLB Network series I will be doing my own top 10. Ultimately it came down to which players I would want on my team over the other players.

Catchers - My criteria for top catchers were they had to be passable defensively, if they were weak defensively they better have a big bat to make it up. If players were close offensively, the tie breaker was the defense...and their durability as a good hitting catcher that can play almost every day is valuable.

1. Yamid Chantres - Baltimore
2. Carlos Diaz - Arizona
3. Jason Rzepcynski - Chicago White Sox
4. Pedro Soto - Atlanta
5. Esteban Prieto - Oakland
6. Homer Hall - LA Dodgers
7. Matt Owings - San Diego
8. Douglas Moore - Memphis
9. Pablo Guzman - Pittsburgh
10. Junior Alvarado - Vancouver

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