Friday, July 27, 2007

Application for Temporary Restraining Order

Plaintiffs Great American Pastime World (“GAP”), Bribar and Whiteslave hereby apply for a temporary restraining order restraining The_Stiffs, Defendant, and his agents and employees, from reviewing and commenting on WorldChat and any transactions in GAP or the GAP blog, and an order requiring defendant to show cause why a preliminary injunction should not issue to restrain Defendant and his agents and employees from doing the same while this action is pending. This application is based on the grounds that Defendant knowingly and willingly abandoned GAP while commissioner, and has entered and continues to enter WorldChat in GAP without permission despite written requests to cease and that great or irreparable or great and irreparable injury would result to Plaintiffs before the matter can be heard on notice via a Customer Support ticket, with the weekend being soon upon us.

1 comment:

wslave said...

My wife says he has been stalking our cat. Does this mean he owns a chinese restaurant? And just because our cat is named Won Ton doesn't mean she brought this upon herself, does it?