Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The current members of The 85 Club are:

95 Cliff Simms, SP, New York Mets
93 Douglas Diaz, CF, New York Mets
92 Brian Snyder, SS, San Francisco Giants
91 Greg Stewart, SP, Cleveland Indians
90 Joe Warden, LF, New York Mets
89 Chuck Hoover, 2B, Chicago Cubs
89 Todd Linebrink, SS, Oakland Athletics
88 Theodore Haney, SS Kansas City Royals
88 Nipsey Morris, C, New York Mets
87 Andres Mieses, 3B, Cincinnati Reds
86 Clyde Valentin, RF, Oakland Athletics
86 Ted Hogan, 3B, New York Mets
86 Ralph Ryan, RP, New York Mets
86 LaTroy Franco, LF, Cleveland Indians
86 Mark Moore, 3B, Atlanta Braves
86 Joe Linden, 2B, Atlanta Braves
86 Wiki Pena, 3B, Florida Marlins
86 Barry Clayton, SS, St. Louis Cardinals
85 Clarence Cooke, SP, San Francisco Giants
85 Harry Wilfredo, SP, Seattle Mariners
85 Samuel Curtis, SP, St. Louis Cardinals

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