Monday, September 17, 2007

All-Star Trivia

1. Who is the only five-time All-Star?

2. Who is the only non-pitcher to be on at least four All-Star teams?

3. Who is the youngest player to be on at least three All-Star teams?

4. Name the three players tied for youngest All-Star, all making it at age 22.

5. Name the five players who have been on both the NL and AL All-Star teams.

6. Name the one guy who made it in the AL, then in the NL, and then in the AL again.

7. Who are the two 36-year-olds who made the All-Star team this year, the oldest players ever to make it?

8. Who are the two players to make it at both SS and CF?

9. Who is the only player to make four All-Star teams while aged 31 or older?

10. How many All-Star teams has Nick Alexander made?



Chad said...

1. Cleveland's Greg Stewart.

2. Oakland SS Todd Linebrink has qualified in each season 2 through 5.

3. San Francisco ace Clarence Cooke just made his third team at age 27.

4. Closer Oswaldo Gonzales (then Az now Bal), KC CF Theodore Haney, and NYM 3B Ted Hogan each qualified at age 22, and each made it back at age 23 as well.

5. Bob Wall, Wally Hunter, Willie Santana, Raymond Cambridge, and Chuck Hoover.

6. Wally Hunter was an all-star as AL 2B in S2, NL 2B in S4, and AL LF in S5.

7. Kansas City closer Gabe Brooks and Tampa Bay ace Willie Santana.

8. Haney and Giomar Colon, who made it at CF in S1, and at SS this year at age 34.

9. Cleveland SP Hector Guerrero made it in S2 at age 32 and each year since.

10. Just two.

Chad said...

hwaters noted that Domingo Sosa made the team as a 21-year-old, so that is the correct answer for #4, youngest All-Star.