Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Decline of K rate in GAP

Look at the top 5 strikeout pitchers in GAP over their careers by K/9IP

Greg Stewart: Career - 8.05 K/9IP; Season 5 - 2.72
Jin-Che Wang: 7.11; 3.97
Cliff Simms: 7.01; 3.375
Bosco Jeffereson: 6.97; 4.2
Tony Hudler: 6.96; 5.85 (the smallest difference but only over 40 IP)

Obviously something has changed in the Sim engine. This is not a small sample size, since we are talking about 600+ IP for these 5 this season alone. Could they have changed which criteria is used to determine a good strikeout pitcher. Not sure. Wanted to show the observation.

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