Monday, March 26, 2007

GAP Playoff Picture

With just 16 games left, the playoff picture is coming into focus. While it appears the Royals are on track for their first playoff appearance, I'm not counting it yet. Anyway, here is the glance:

North - Boston (86) leads Chicago by 8 games.
East - Minnesota (82) leads New York by 5 games and Cleveland by 8 games.
South - Kansas City (85) leads Tampa Bay by 8 games.
West - Oakland (97) has clinched.

WC - Six teams fighting for two spots:
Seattle 80
Chicago 78
Tampa Bay 77
New York 77
Cleveland 74
Texas 72

Oakland will get the #1 seed. Boston and KC battle for the second bye, with Minnesota a longshot. Those four are in the drivers' seats for the division titles, with the WC race still wide open.

If the playoffs started today:
(1) Oak vs winner of (4) Min vs (5) Sea
(2) Bos vs winner of (3) KC vs (6) Chi

North - Pittsburgh (83) leads Chicago by 8 games.
East - New York (82) leads Atlanta by 11 games.
South - Houston (89) leads Florida by 1 game and Charlotte by 4 games.
West - San Francisco (95) has clinched.

WC - Two teams in control:
Florida 88
Charlotte 85

San Francisco will likely get the #1 seed, but if either Houston or Florida gets hot, they could make it interesting. The byes will go to SF and the South winner. Charlotte has 7 games on Atlanta and 10 or more on the rest of the field for the last WC spot.

If the playoffs started today:
(1) SF vs winner of (4) NY vs (5) Fla
(2) Hou vs winner of (3) Pit vs (6) Cha

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Glen said...

the mets are going to be the #3 seed in the NL with 89 wins currently. The pirates will be the #4 seed.