Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MVP Candidates - AL

Well, it is that time of year again. Time to rollout my favorites for MVP with less than 30 games to play. I decided since HBD has given their list it was time for mine.

1a) Raul Santana (BOS) - (.339 ave/.490 obp/.650 slg 29 HR/109 RBI) Has been a force for the Redsox offensively creating 12.8 runs per 27 outs, easily leading the league. He also leads the league in OPS with 1.140. The weakness in his candidacy is that he is a DH and that he has played about 30 games les than his competition.

1b) Artie Rizzo (KC) - (.341/.445/.642 37/106) Is part of the offense that has carried the Royals (and their struggling pitching) to first place in the AL South. Is second in the league in OPS, 2nd in average, 2nd in OBP, 2nd in slugging, 2nd in RC/27, 3rd in Runs scored, 5th in HRs....you get the picture. He is an well rounded offensive player, and I would have no problem voting for him over Santana.

3) Chuck Hoover (Min) - (.301/.378/.534 27/110) Is an intregal part of the rise of the Twins to the top of the AL East. Although his numbers do not stack up to Santana's or Rizzo's, his defense make him very valuable as he is playing a gold glove caliber CF (compare his numbers to gold glove leading Rowand, and they are very similar).

4) Joe Warden (Det) - (.304/.434/.579 34/117) I usually am not fond of including players from bottom dwelling teams, but Joe is putting up monster numbers and deserves recognition. Was lost in the shuffle last year as he was traded mid season from the NL to the AL, but has adapted to the AL just fine this year.

5) CC Hutton (Oak) - (.279/.387/.567 38/134) The straw that stirs the Athletics offense, Hutton has been called on to play a bigger role this year with the many injuries to the A's team. The career RBI leader shows again why he is the best with 134 RBI in only 129 games played. Even though his other offensive numbers are down for him, the best player on the best team deserves consideration.

Honorable mention: Mota (KC), Everett (Bos),

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