Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MVP Candidates - NL

So now it is time for the NL candidates to step forward. The NL is a bit tougher in that many of the better teams lack a true MVP type candidate (Houston, Charlotte, Pittsburg, Florida) - especially since I am not considering pitchers (though I think they should be considered).

1a) Alvarez (SF) - (.381/.455/.682 34/102) Is part of the offensive duo that powers the Giants as what many will argue to be the best team in GAP. Leads the league in OPS, average, OBP, slugging, and RC/27 (second to Santana in GAP) and plays catcher. His problem in winning the MVP this year will be...

1b) Belcher (SF) - (.347/.414/.659 44/134) May well beat his teammate for the MVP, but without Alvarez, Belchers RBI production goes way down. Belcher ranks in the top 3 in the NL in every major offensive category, but plays the easier 1b instead of C. I give a slight edge to Alvarez, but that could change.

3) Iglesias (Mil) - (.305/.378/.654 54/136) Plays on a below .500 team, but is putting up huge numbers again. Leads the league in HRs and RBI, and is 3rd in slugging. Where would Milwaukee be without him and Campos?

4) Hogan (NYM) - (.286/.370/.553 30/96) Is a steady player for the Mets and plays a strong 3b as well. Probably would not be considered a leading candidate if the Mets did not have such a good record. Might be the second best offensive player on the team with the acquisition of Diaz.

5) Charlton (CHC) - (.356/.403/.544 19/93) Is playing great ball this year for the Cubs as they fight to stay in the wild card race. Charlton also gets credit for playing C as well as being second in the leaging in hitting. Would not have a problem putting him ahead of Hogan on a ballot.

Honorable Mentions: Campos (Mil), Mieses (Cin), Hall (CHC)

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